MATELAC is a unique combination of Matelux and Lacobel or Mirox MNGE. It is a float glass with one painted side and one acid-etched or silvered.

Available in 20 trendsetting colours, the Matelac matt painted glass range is divided into three lines: The Classics (3 timeless colours), The Trendies (11 fashionable colours) and the Exclusives (6 unique AGC colours). 

The matt look of Matelac combines seamlessly with its glossy alter ego Lacobel, in the Lacobel and Matelac 2020 range, 14 colours are common to both finishes - enabling designers to play wth combinations shade by shade.  

Key Features
•   Durable material: walls, sliding doors and furniture will retain their original
for years. 
•   Can be provided with SAFE film, delivering additional safety in case of glass

•   All Matelac paints are environmentally friendly: they preserve indoor air quality by
    emitting very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde. 
•   Available in 20 standard colours. MyColour by Matelac, our colour-on-demand
is available for orders of at least 200 m2 per colour*

Product Range

* 5mm is NST item with min. quantities