Stopray, a high performance magnetron coated glass, gives excellent selectivity while retaining a neutral appearance. It offers improved balance between visible light transmittance, solar control and U-values thereby delivering maximum energy savings that meet energy code requirements.

It is suitable for use in all climates as it controls heat entering indoors during summer and keeps heat from escaping during winter. Stopray is available in temperable versions (Stopray T range) 

Always to be used in double or triple glazing units 

Key Features
•   Delivers the highest level of selectivity - ratio between light transmission and solar
•   Particularly well suited for high end commercial buildings, keeping energy costs  to
    a minimum 

•   Suitable  for  use  in  all climates ; it combines solar control in summer with thermal 
    insulation in the winter.
•   Available in a large range of neutral colors, light transmission and solar protection

Product Range